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    Common Name:Giant Bufo Toad
    A Bufo Toad at Night
    Scientific:Bufo marinus
    Size:6 inches long
    Color:Greyish tans and browns
    Habitat:Sea level to 4,000 ft

    The Bufo Toad is extremely common in Hawai'i and many residents have one or two living on their property. These toads were originally brought to Hawai'i to control insects in the sugar cane fields, but they quickly bred and are now on all the islands.

    The Bufo Toad is very large - about the size of an adult hand. They have various colors from grays to tans and have a very warty skin.

    The Bufo tends to come out at night to feed on insects - and are useful for controlling cockroaches and other undesirable pests. During the day the ones on my property hunker down in my lily ponds with just their eyes sticking out of the water. Bufo also breed in water so controlling ponds on your property helps reduce the Bufo population.

    The Bufo Toad can produce a whitish toxic discharge when threatened and if handled you should wash your hands afterwards to avoid having any toxins enter your body. Pets usually quickly learn to avoid licking Bufo Toads.

    They Don't Hold Still Long

    The Warty Back of a Bufo

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