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  • Hawai'i Astronomy
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  • Books and Music
    Welcome to our Books and Music section where we list all the books and music we reference on this site. Click on any item to purchase it from and a percentage of your purchase will go to help this site stay alive!

    We appreciate your support!

    Hawai'i Astronomy:

    21st Century Astronomy

    Astronomy Today (5th Edition)

    Nightwatch: A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe

    Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe, Fourth Edition

    Turn Left at Orion: A Hundred Night Sky Objects to See in a Small Telescope--and How to Find Them

    Astronomy for Dummies

    Astronomy Methods : A Physical Approach to Astronomical Observations (Cambridge Planetary Science)

    Handbook of Infrared Astronomy

    An Introduction to Radio Astronomy

    Astronomical Centers of the World



    Hawai'i Creatures:

    The Birdwatcher's
    Guide to Hawai'i
    A Pocket Guide
    to Hawai'i's Birds

    Hawai'i's Fishes:
    A Guide for
    Divers, and

    Hawaiian Plants
    and Animals
    Coloring Book


    Hawai'i Language:

    Hawaiian Dictionary: Hawaiian-English, English-Hawaiian

    Ka Lei Ha'Aheo: Beginning Hawaiian

    Let's Speak Hawaiian

    Pidgin to Da Max

    More Hawaiian Language Books


    Hawai'i Plants:


    Plants and Flowers
    of Hawaii

    A Pocket Guide
    to Hawaii's Flowers

    Trees of Hawai'i


    Moving To Hawai'i:

    Affordable Paradise
    Affordable Paradise: The Secrets of an Affordable Life in Hawai'i

    Living and Retiring in Hawai'i
    Living and Retiring in Hawai'i : The 50th State in the 21st Century

    So You Want to Live in Hawai'i
    So You Want to Live in Hawai'i

    How to Live in Hawai'i on $1000 per Month
    How to Live in Hawai'i on $1000 Per Month

    Business Basics in Hawai'i
    Business Basics in Hawai'i: Secrets of Starting Your Own Business in Our State



    Visitor Tips:

    Big Island Revealed
    Hawai'i the Big Island Revealed: The Ultimate Guidebook

    Snorkel Hawaii
    Snorkel Hawai'i The Big Island, Second Edition

    The Big Island Trailblazer
    Hawai'i: The Big Island Trailblazer: Where to Hike, Snorkel, Surf, Bike, & Drive

    Lonely Planet Hawai'i the Big Island
    Lonely Planet Hawai'i the Big Island (Hawai'i the Big Island, 1st Ed)

    Hidden Big Island of Hawaii
    Hidden Big Island of Hawai'i: Including the Kona Coast, Hilo, Kailua and Volcanos National Park

    The Rough Guide to the Big Island of Hawaii
    The Rough Guide to Big Island of Hawai'i

    Moon Handbooks Big Island of Hawaii
    Moon Handbooks Big Island of Hawai'i: Including Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park

    Beaches of the Big Island
    Beaches of the Big Island (A Kolowalu Book)

    Frommer's Portable Big Island of Hawaii
    Frommer's Portable Big Island of Hawai'i

    Paradise Family Guides Big Island of Hawai'i
    Paradise Family Guides Big Island of Hawai'i: The Most Complete Guide to Family Fun and Adventure!



    Hawai'i Volcanoes:

    Chasing Lava: A Geologist's Adventures at the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory

    Hawai'i's Volcanos: Legends and Facts



    Hawai'i Music:

    Music from Hawai'i's Favorite Son, Israel "IZ" Kamakawiwo'ole

    IZ's Facing Future is the best-selling Hawaiian album of all time. His voice has been described as tender and sweet and liable to bring listeners to tears. He is so loved that when he died in 1997, over 10,000 people paid their respects while he lay-in-state in the Hawaiian Capitol.

    Facing Future - IZ
    Facing Future
    Aone in IZ World
    Alone in IZ World
    In Dis Life - IZ
    In Dis Life
    E Ala E - IZ
    E Ala E
    More Music from IZ
    Music from Keali'i Reichel

    Heartfelt and soulful, Keali'i's songs are consistently in the top 10 of the Hawaiian music charts.

    Music from The Mākaha Sons

    Known for their unique harmonies, The Mākaha Sons have been singing for 28 years.

    Keali'i Reichel - Ke'Alaokamaile
    Keali'i Reichel - Melelana
    The Makaha Sons - Ke Alaula
    Ke Alaula
    The Makaha Sons - Ho'oluana
    More Music From Keali'i Reichel More Music From The Mākaha Sons
    Music from Keola Beamer

    Often called the world's best slack-key guitarist, his most popular song is Honolulu City Lights

    Music from Ho'Onua

    This upbeat, contemporary duo will definitely get your toes tapping!

    Keola Beamer - Wooden Boat
    Wooden Boat
    Keola Beamer - Kolonahe
     Ho'Onua - Feel Good Island Music
    Feel Good Island Music
    Ho'Onua - Have a Good Time
    Have a Good Time
    More Music from Keola Beamer  
    Music from Don Ho
    Buy Hawaiian Music - Don Ho
    Tiny Bubbles
    Don Ho Christmas Album
    Don Ho Christmas Album
    The Don Ho Show/Don Ho Again
    The Don Ho Show/Don Ho Again
    Night with Don Ho
    Night with Don Ho
    More Music from Don Ho
    More Hawaiian Island Music
    Sounds of Hawai'i - Hawaiian Music
    Sounds of Hawai'i
    Hawaii Calls Present
    Hawai'i Calls Presents
    Buy Hawaiian Music
    Hawai'i I Ka Pu'Uwai
    Buy Hawaiian Music
    He Hawai'i Au
    Music of Hawai'i
    Tickling The Strings:
    Music Of Hawai'i,
    Buy Hawaiian Music
    Romantic Hawai'i
    Buy Hawaiian Music
    Hawaiian Slack
    Key Guitar
    More Hawaiian Music