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    (Found In Hawai'i
    and Elsewhere)
    Common Name:Manini (Ma-knee-knee) - Convict Tang
    This Manini is Feeding on Algae
    Scientific:Acanthurus sandvicensis
    Size:Up to 10 inches
    Special:Hawaiian variety has a bar under the pectoral fin
    Habitat:Coastal tidal pools and reefs

    The Manini, or Convict Tang are light, bright yellow with exactly six black bars resembling prison bars, hence the name Convict Tang. The front most bar runs directly through the eye that helps hide the eye and camouflage the fish. While these fish tend to swim in large schools, you can often find an individual Convict Tang feeding by itself off the reefs.

    The Convict Tang tends towards sea level coral reefs, they can be found as deep as 150 feet. The mouth of the Manini has very fine, flexible teeth that they use to munch on algae.

    A small group of Manini

    The sixth bar is the small 'eye' by the tail

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